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MicroVideo Learning Systems, Inc. is a premier developer of media-based software training products. Originally founded in 1982, MicroVideo created the world's first video tape-based software training program, VisiCalc Made Simple. Since then, the company has produced over 150 video and CD-ROM, and Internet / Intranet streaming training titles, as well as a world class Learning Management System (LMS) for the delivery of video based training on all formats (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, LAN, WAN and the Internet). MicroVideo has also partnered with world class 3rd party content providers, and ported their content to MicroVideo's LMS, boosting the availability of our off-the-shelf content to well over 700 video-on-demand training titles.

MicroVideo sells its products nationwide and internationally, counting among its clients US Government agencies and many Fortune 500 companies. MicroVideo also licenses it's LMS for private labeling by 3rd parties such as KeyStone Learning Systems, Inc. and BarCharts.

Throughout its 28-year history, MicroVideo Learning Systems has made the best use of existing training technology, while continually evolving its products to take advantage of emerging platforms. MicroVideo is unique in exploiting the full power of multimedia, primarily through its focus on video-based content.

Since the assets of the former MicroVideo were acquired by Multimedia Solutions, Inc. of Calgary, Alberta in 1999, the "new" MicroVideo has partnered or collaborated with many well known IT firms.

In January, 2002, MicroVideo Learning Systems, Inc. of Delaware, became the parent company of Multimedia Solutions, Inc. of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, by means of a reverse-takeover.

In 2005, Multimedia Solutions, Inc. of Calgary, changed its name to MicroVideo Learning Systems, Inc., Canada.

MicroVideo's software development and video based training productions are now undertaken in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

MicroVideo originally developed the MvTv Systems in 2003 for a Calgary client. The software has evolved since those days to meet new demands required for IPTV.




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