Automated TV System Video Scheduling Software for TV Stations, Satellite TV, Cable TV and Internet Broadcasting


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We suggest you watch them in order, from top down.

  • MInstalling the MvTv Video Scheduling software Components:

  • Downloading the MvTv Video Scheduling Components. 

  • Expanding the Downloaded Files

  • Installing the MvTv Video Scheduling Components and Obtaining a Demo License

  • What Happens if I Don't Have a Demo or Full License?

  • How do I know if my License is Installed?

  • How to Shut Down the Channel (Client)



Operating the MvTv Video Scheduling Administrator Module:

  Video Clip Management
  TV Network Management
  Station ID Management
  Network Defaults
  Playlist Management
  Schedule Playlists

Other Help Videos:

  Codec Packs (important!)
  The MvTv DirectShow Video Tester Tool (important!)

Trouble Shooting:

  How do I determine the IP Address of the MvTv Server?
  How do I check to make sure your MvTv Server Service is really running?
  How do I add an exception for the MvTv services on Windows Personal Firewall on Windows 7?
  How do I add an exception for the MvTv services on Windows Personal Firewall on Windows XP?
  What do I do if I see a Windows Security Alert?

Creating a Web Channel using the MvTv Channel and Windows Media Encoder:

  Downloading Windows Media Services for Windows Server 2008
  Installing Windows Media Services for Windows Server 2008
  Configuring Windows Media Services for a "Push" stream from a Windows Media Encoder
  Configuring a Windows Media Encoder to "Push" a stream to a Windows Media Server
  Testing the stream from the Windows Media Server

Creating a Web Channel using the MvTv Channel and the Adobe Flash Media Encoder:

  Configure (Clone) your Video Card and Connect your Sources to your Video and Audio Capture Devices
  Adjust your PC Monitor's Resolution
  Configure the Flash Media Encoder
  Change your Screen Resolution to match the Flash Media Encoder's Video Input Resolution and Start Streaming
  Using the Windows Media Encoder to Stream to the MvTv Channel:
  Setting up the Windows Media Encoder for Live Streaming to the MvTv Channel
  Creating and Scheduling the asx redirector file for Live Streaming from the Windows Media Encoder
  Addendum to previous video: ASX protocol needs to be MMS (important)


  Readme's are provided with the installation files... look inside each individual zip file for installation and configuration information.

MvTv Video Scheduler System:

  Channel (Client)

MvTv Video Repeater System:

  Channel (Client)

Purchasing MvTv Components:


MvTv Scheduler System Components can be downloaded for free from ../mvtv_download_page.htm. Additional information may be obtained by by emailing, or by calling 403-286-0913.


MvTv Scheduler System Contact Info:


Phone: 403-286-0913






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